Woman in a pink red dress

Meet Your New Favourite Colour Combination

13 pink & red dresses to love this Valentine’s and beyond.

From the street to the red carpet, pink and red is one refreshing and arresting colour combo – and what better day to break it out than 14 February? That’s right – you can go full pink and red on the pinkest and reddest day of the year without looking like cheesy. All you need is a classy dress, understated accessories and the sassy attitude to match. And the best thing about a standout pink and red dress? You can wear it all year round when you feel like making a style statement.


Don’t believe us? We found 13 dresses you’ll love to wear this Valentine’s and beyond.








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A mother and daughter making food

T-Minus 28: 10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

p.s. UAE Mother’s Day is March 21.

Mother’s Day is now just under a month away. Seriously! But as the day to celebrate the woman we love most approaches, there shouldn’t be this pressure to find a gift that’s entirely unique and unexpected. Instead, we’ve put together a shoppable list of things that just about anyone would appreciate – your mom included.

Bag Organiser

Give your mom this handy gift on her special day. Not only does it make changing bags easier, but it also stores different items such as keys, wallet, phone, makeup, and more in its many compartments and makes them easily accessible. It helps keep handbags in proper shape, too!

Find it here.

Hair Styling Tool

Save your mom some prep time in the morning with this revolutionary styling tool. It’s a two-for-one hair dryer and round brush that creates effortless, bouncy waves in no time. It’s small and light as well, making it perfect for travel.

Find it here.

A Day at the Spa

No mom should endure stiff joints and achy muscles, so make her day extra special by gifting her a pampering session at a leading spa. This one’s a no-brainer, really.

Find it here.

Coffee Machine

This present is perfect for the java-loving mom. It has a dual coffee selection programme with an automatic flow-stop for Nespresso’s Espresso and Lungo preparations. The fact that it will spruce up her kitchen with its sleek design is just the cherry on top.

Find it here


Up your mom’s tech game by giving her a smartwatch! This way, you can shoot her a good morning message, share a fun newsletter, or let her know you’re thinking about her by giving her a call – all at arm’s reach. She can also track her workout progress and monitor her health with this nifty gadget.

Find it here.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

Make your mom feel a hug reminiscent of your childhood cuddles anytime, anywhere with a weighted blanket. The pressure from its weights emulates deep pressure stimulation to create a sense of calm and happiness sure to give her uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Find it here.

Cheese Board Set

Curate the best charcuterie board with a charming cheese board set. This trendy tool will help create the perfect meat and cheese platter sure to please the eyes and the taste buds during a fun picnic day with the family. 

Find it here.

Scented Candles

You can never go wrong with a scented candle! Ever had that one perfect family holiday in a tropical setting that she often looks back on? No problem – evoke pure nostalgia with a soothing coconut-y scent that your mom will love.  

Find it here.

Assorted Tea Tasting Set

Tea Tasting Set

Does your mom swear by the afternoon ritual of drinking a cup of tea? Give her a wide variety with this assorted tea set. This one boasts fun, unique tea flavours such as blackcurrant, pomegranate, and raspberry.

Find it here.

Digital Picture Frame

Take your mom on a trip down memory lane with a digital picture frame. She can upload photos in quick and easy steps, enjoying an automatic slideshow of her absolute favourite memories at her office desk or bedside table. 

Find it here.


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Valentine’s Day Gift

A Unisex Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day? You’re Welcome

This February 14, pick from these 14 gifts.

Buying the right gift for someone is hard as it is, but buying a Valentine’s Day gift for your partner? Riddled with clichés. This Valentine’s Day, why not skip the usual suspects, ditching the chocolates and flowers for something with a little more personality? Bonus: everything in this Cupid-approved gift guide is unisex, so there’s something for everyone.

For Building a Deeper Connection

Intimacy Deck, BestSelf

How well do you and your partner know each other? Whether you’ve been together for decades or just a few months, there’s always more to bond over. Use these conversation starters to strengthen your relationship.

For the Bougie Skincare Lover

Nano Gold Energizing Cream, CHANTECAILLE

If your partner enjoys taking care of their skin, they probably already own a variety of skincare essentials. But do they have gold skincare products? Give them a taste of the finer things in life with this nano gold-infused face cream that also contains uplifting geranium and soothing rose scents.  

For Setting the Mood 

French Cade Lavender Scalloped Candle and Diffuser Gift Set, VOLUSPA

Does your partner like enveloping the house with pleasing scents? Consider this candle and diffuser gift set with notes of verbena, Bulgarian lavender, and French cade wood. The box also comes with a beautiful wood-block pattern that makes this set great for displaying. 

For the Coffee Aficionado 

Cold Drip Tower Coffee Brewer, Bevarabia

If your partner – like most people – loves coffee, help them take their love to the next level with this Cold Drip Tower Coffee Brewer. Based on the Dutch Cold Brew method, this coffee maker (that looks like it was plucked right off a laboratory) not only adds an interesting touch to your kitchen, but also brews less bitter and acidic coffee than regular ones. 

For Upgrading Movie Nights

Home Projector, Philips

Movie nights are perfect for simply curling up with your partner and enjoying some downtime. Why not take it to the next level with a home projector? Not only can you place the projector wherever you want (think: watching a movie in bed if the TV is in the living room), but you can also take it along on trips!

For the Shutterbug  

Instant Camera, Polaroid

Does your partner like to take pictures? Are they into all things retro? Gift them this instant camera and watch them progress from taking photos that won’t get seen unless posted to building an actual physical collection. Not only that, but it can also be a subtle way to get them to take more pictures of you!

For a Long-Distance Relationship 

Long-Distance Touch Bracelet, Bond Touch

Long-distance relationships are hard, and the pain of not being able to be with your partner can be especially difficult on Valentine’s Day. This pair of small bracelets can make up for some of it by connecting you both by simulating the natural vibration of touch. Whenever you or your partner think of each other – be it before you head to sleep, during work, or when you feel alone – you can let each other know by simply touching the bracelet.

For the Soulful Romantic

Smoke & Mirrors, Michael Faudet

Words can capture love in a way that can touch the deepest parts of oneself, and if you do not have the talent to express your feelings on paper, why not get your partner a book of love poetry that describes how you feel? Smoke & Mirrors by Michael Faudet explores the craziness and joys of being madly in love with a dash of melancholy – perfect if your partner is an old-school romantic!

For the Foodie Who Has Everything 

Mini Heart Waffle Maker, DASH

Is food the way into your partner’s heart? Do they enjoy the little things in life? Do odd and quirky kitchen tools pique their interest? If so, this aptly shaped Mini Heart Waffle Maker might be the best gift you can get them this Valentine’s Day. Cute waffles for breakfast every day FTW!

For a Statement of Your Commitment 

The Bella Rose, Forever Rose 

Yes, we said flowers are cliché, but what about a Forever Rose? Technically, they last for three years, but asides from being a beautiful showpiece, these glass-encased roses inspired by Beauty and the Beast act as a testament to your timeless and eternal love. You can’t get more romantic than that!

For the Fragrance Fanatic 

Imperial Gift Box, Hind Al Oud

If your partner has a nose for high-quality, specially crafted perfume – especially Arabic perfume – then gift them this unisex Imperial Gift Box from Hind Al Oud. The case includes eight signature fragrances, all inspired by the luxury of ancient times. 

For the Clean Skin Geek

Body Scrub Kit, Frank

If your partner is on a mission to get smooth skin and doesn’t mind a few quips along the way, gift them this coffee body-scrub kit that’s accented with interesting captions like, ‘Guess what? You’ll be naked in one minute.’ The kit comes with coconut, peppermint, cacao, and original coffee body scrubs, all of which are vegan!

For Updating Date Night 

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster, Oriental Cherry

Run out of date ideas? Want to rekindle your relationship? Give this poster a try! It has 100 date ideas to scratch off, so you never know what to expect – just think of it as a fun bucket list and challenge yourself to go on all 100 dates, even if an idea is unexpected. 

For the Music Lover 

Portable Speaker, Marshall Emberton

Any music lover is bound to enjoy this portable speaker that boasts loud and vibrant 360-degree sound with 20+ hours of playtime. Plus, the vintage look only adds to its appeal, making it an aesthetic addition to any space.


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Red and yellow gift boxes

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your BFFs

Empty cart? Fret not.

Stop whatever you’re doing and take a deep breath – help is here. If you, like many of us, have a talent in poor organisation, you probably forgot to get all your gifts wrapped and ready to go. Fret not, The Gaggler has done your homework for you, putting together this last-minute gift guide to save you from any further anxiety.

For the Girl at the Centre of All-Night Revelry   

You know that one girl who’s always the life of the party? The one who’s the star of cocktail-fuelled adventures and countless other blurry escapades? This look is her. Gift her this striking corset dress or help her complement something similar in her closet with our recommended accessories – the statement red lipstick and seductive scent will also not go unappreciated! 

Gift Ideas for BFF
Kat & Sage

Rana Dark-Red Corset Dress, Kat & Sage

Steve Madden

Grade-R Gold, Steve Madden

By Kilian

The Dawn White Snake Clutch, By Kilian

Maison Margiela

Replica By the Fireplace, Maison Margiela

CZ By Kenneth Jay Lane

Teardrop Necklace, CZ By Kenneth Jay Lane

Agatha Paris

Earrings with Hallowed Paved D, Agatha Paris


Sephora Rouge Matte, SEPHORA

H & M

Sunset Bronze Nail Polish, H&M


Phone Ring Light, Typo

For the Beach Babe Who’s Never Far from the Sea   

If you want to find her, you don’t even need to think twice about where she might be – this BFF is all about the sun, the sand, the waves. She likes to take things one at a time, stepping away from the hustle and bustle of city life by connecting with nature. Gift her a colourful bikini, a simple cover-up, and pink sunglasses for her next day at the beach. Alternatively, treat her to the essentials: sunscreen, a bright-yellow hat, and an easy and entertaining read to keep her company.

beach costume

Full Bloom Sliding Tri Top & String Pant, Piha


White Roached Bikini Cover-Up, Elivana


Woven Straw Effect Bag, Kiabi


Matte Gold & Brown Gradient Caligola Sunglasses, SPEKTRE


Photoderm MAX Body Sunscreen Spray SPF 50, Bioderma

Bare Essentials

Wide Brim Hat, Bare Essentials


You Saint Tropez Beige, Havaianas

Sally Rooney

Normal People, Sally Rooney


Golden Chain Charms Bracelet, Desigual 

For the Girl Boss, Reincarnated 

This queen is stylish, confident, and always put together. When she’s not checking off things on her to-do list and assessing her upcoming goals, you can find her plotting her next venture. Gift this casual overachiever with a lustrous stretch-silk satin top matched with an eye-catching deep-green blazer to effortlessly pair with jeans. Prefer to gift accessories? Sleek slip-on trainers and a spacious pebbled bag will leave your girl boss BFF ready to conquer the world while being comfortable and fashionable.

girl boss BFF

Blazer with Rolled-Up Sleeves, Zara

Annine Bing

Sylvia Stretch-Silk Satin Halterneck, Anine Bing


Slim Fit Super Stretch Jeans, Gant


 Brown Pebbled Shopper Bag, Mango


Basal Leather Slip-On Trainers, Primury 


Attract Necklace, Swarovski 

Ted Baker

Sinaa Pearl Stud Earrings, Ted Baker


Kate Cat-Eye Sunglasses, SAINT LAURENT


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Danielle christmas cap hanging

10 Stocking Stuffers That Are Unique and Unisex (Win-Win)

Add these to your cart ASAP.

It’s officially December, and that can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming! Cue the cheery songs, getting the family together to decorate your Christmas tree, telling the kids they need to be good for Santa, and the dreaded buying of Christmas gifts. But what about the often-overlooked aspect of shopping for stocking stuffers that are both unique and unisex? Help is here.

1. For the Budding Photographer 

This stuffer is perfect for that one person who’s always clicking the family photos. The camera has 27 exposures (which means you can take 27 pictures with it) with a built-in flash, and is a fun way to challenge yourself to only click the moments that truly matter. Once you’ve finished using up all the exposures, drop the camera at a film-developing centre such as Photo One or Filmoticon-Spacelabto get physical copies of the photos.

Disposable Film Camera, KODAK

2. For the Culture Vulture 

For a change, why not gift an experience that you’re likely to reminisce over instead of a physical object? Dubai Opera annually hosts a variety of events – from ballet performances and concerts to exhibitions – that any lover of the arts will appreciate. The gift voucher is valid for 12 months, and you can choose between denominations of AED 250 and 5,000.

Dubai Opera Gift Voucher, Dubai Opera 

3. For the Skincare Junkie 

This unique soap is perfect for anyone who loves natural skincare and isn’t afraid to try new products. Made out of fresh camel milk and pure olive oil, it will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. The added peppermint and rosemary essential oils have special anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which makes it an especially powerful blend to fight dermatitis and acne. 

Camel Milk Castile Soap – Rosemary & Peppermint, The Camel Soap Factory

4. For the Young at Heart

This stocking stuffer is perfect for anyone who refuses to grown up (or has kids that need an extra push to get into the bathtub). Not only is this bath bomb vegan, but it’s also made from natural ingredients and safe synthetics – and can be used over three baths! Kids and adults alike can choose which of their favourite characters they want to drop into the bath or use the whole thing in one go!

Santa’s Magic Sleigh Bath Bomb, Lush

5. For the Gadget Collector

This quirky gadget is essentially a motion-sensitive LED light device thateasily fits in your hand and can be clipped onto the side of a toilet bowl to give your bathroom a futuristic glow – perfect for anyone who values me-time in the washroom! You can choose between eight colours, and it automatically switches on when it senses someone approaching. The only caveat? It doesn’t work during the day, but that light looks better at night anyway.

Night Toilet Light Changer, ZEZHOU

6. For the Admittedly Lazy

If you have someone in your family who loves lazing in bed all day, then these spectacles was made for them. They use prism lenses to help you look at your phone or a book without having to adjust your neck position while lying on your back. Not only can this help to protect your neck posture, but they can also be worn over glasses!

Lazy Spectacles, Bestmaple

7. For the Meat Lover 

If barbecues and meat dishes feature heavily in your family, consider these meat claws as a stocking stuffer. They make it easy to cut through meat without worrying about knives and forks. They’re also easy to hold, practical, and dishwasher-safe – perfect for any carnivore!

Two piece Meat Shredding Claws, Shuiyuan

8. For the Out and About 

We all know that most places in Dubai like to crank up the AC as much as they can – especially when it’s hot outside. This constant temperature shift might leave some of us struggling to cool down or warm up ourselves. Enter: this pocket-sized device that you can wear around your neck and thermoelectrically cools or warms you. Bonus: it comes with three power levels (low, medium, high) to choose from.

Wearable Temperature Regulator, PolarSEAL 

9. For the Perpetually Stressed

Let’s face it: most of us are stressed and just want to let it out, especially as the festive season approaches. Cue The Smash Room, an innovative concept that lets you… well, smash things. Gift a smashing voucher from anywhere between AED 250 and 1,000 to a person who could use some impact TLC (you’ll be grateful that you weren’t in their line of fire). 

The Smash Room Gift Voucher, The Smash Room

10. For the Scent Enthusiast 

Arabic perfumes are well-known for their luxurious notes, so any scent enthusiast is sure to appreciate this unisex eau de parfum spray’s leathery, woody fragrance made from the highest quality oud. Go on, spoil a loved one a little! 

Dehn El Oud Malaki,  Swiss Arabian 


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A man driving car

This Gift Guide Is Both Naughty and Nice

Because we’re all a bit of both.

And just like that, the festive season is upon us. Translation: it’s time to buy presents for your sister, your mother, your best friend, and all the other special women in your life. But if the very thought of dodging throngs of people in a crowded mall is far from appealing, fret not. The Gaggler has scoured the internet, curating a gift guide with picks that may seem a little indulgent and over the top at first, but after a closer look, are equal parts fashion and function. Win-win.

For the Design Enthusiast

Toiletpaper mirror – Tongue, Seletti

Seletti is known for pairing eccentric art with everyday items, making it an essential in this edit. This mirror – the result of its collaboration with the iconic TOILETPAPER magazine – is not only a statement accessory that the design enthusiast in your life would love, but also a practical addition to her hallway (because a lipstick-on-teeth situation is never good).

For the Boss Bitch

Pebble Pods, Misho

Powder-blue face masks aside, life has returned to a state of normalcy – but Zoom meetings remain just as popular. If you missed the hype around these Pebble Pods in 2020, now’s the time to get acquainted, especially as they make the perfect gift for any busy woman on the go. Designed to keep wireless headphones in place, they double up as sculptural earrings on their own.

For the Skincare Junkie

Luxe Skincare Fridge, Teami Blends

Seemingly outlandish at first, the trend of storing skincare products in a mini-fridge actually makes a lot of sense, especially as it helps extend the shelf life, improve application, and increase the overall quality of serums, creams, masks, and natural beauty products. Then again, your beauty buff friend already knows that. Treat her to this adorable pink pick that cools down to 4°C.

For the Gym Bunny

Set of two dumbbells, Armani/Casa

Leave it to Giorgio Armani to take fitness gear to a downright bougie place, courtesy of black leather and impeccable craftsmanship. Weighing in at 1kg each and part of the Pump collection, they serve as sleek design objects when they’re not in use. Bonus: the colour and finish will suit just about any aesthetic.

For the Coupled Up

Pillow Talk, The School of Life

The School of Life is often described as the global headquarters of emotional intelligence, so needless to say, it caters to everyone – couples included. We think this set of 60 cards is perfect for the woman who’s been coupled up for a while and ready for a little help in the intimacy department. Designed to spark the best kind of pillow talk – where both playfulness and intellectual curiosity is explored – the prompts are sure to provoke some of the most liberating conversations she’s ever had.

For the Health Freak

Happiness Water Bottle, VitaJuwel

Perfect for that friend who prioritises hydration above all else, this reusable water bottle is not just pretty – it’s a modern interpretation of an age-old tradition that saw several cultures vitalising their water with gemstones. The blend of gemstones is pre-curated, with this particular combination of orange calcite and carnelian forming a particularly positive aura of openness, sharing, and optimism.

For the Me-Time Deprived

Rose de Mai candle, Oskia

Oskia specialises in nutritional skincare that’s kind to the complexion, so this massage candle takes ‘me time’ to new heights. Formulated with beeswax, coconut oil, and skin-loving omegas, the warm wax can be used as a face or body oil, a facial cleanser, or a massage oil. The lingering scent of roses is just the proverbial cherry on top.


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Father's Day Gifts guide

Father’s Day Gift Ideas with a Difference

There’s no gadgets and gizmos here

Father’s Day is on the horizon, and we can’t help but address the proverbial elephant in the room: it just doesn’t receive the level of attention that Mother’s Day does. Some psychologists say it’s because we feel that mothers make more sacrifices, and therefore deserve bigger and better presents. Others claim that dads are less interested in “tangible tokens of appreciation”. Our theory? It’s because men are notoriously tricky to shop for. With that in mind, The Gaggler is taking an experiences-only approach in 2021, curating this guide to match the interests of fathers across the UAE. Bonus: shipping delays and unexpected duty charges not included.

Annual Membership to the NT Live Programme at Courtyard Playhouse

for the theatre-loving father

It’s essentially impossible to find a better gift for a theater buff in Dubai. National Theatre Live is an initiative by National Theatre to broadcast the best of British theater live from the London stage to cinemas around the world. And with Courtyard Playhouse in Al Quoz acting as a partner venue, annual membership will give your father access to all NT Live screenings – a guaranteed minimum of 10 per year – alongside other perks such as discounts on Courtyard Playhouse workshops and paraphernalia. Past screenings have included the likes of Fleabag, Hamlet, and Hedda Gabler.

Click here to purchase.

A Gift Card from Gulf Photo Plus

for the photophile father

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a photography enthusiast who doesn’t rave about the talks, exhibitions, and other activities at Gulf Photo Plus in Alserkal Avenue. This Father’s Day, give a boost to dad’s photography skills by treating him to one of its brilliant workshops or photo walks through a gift card. Incidentally, it can also be redeemed against GPP products such as photo books and services like printing.

Click here to purchase.

Father's Day Gifts ideas

An eGift Card from 1847

for the old-school father

Between operating 11 locations, boasting a clientele that includes the country’s “most esteemed dignitaries”, and winning the World’s Best Male Grooming Salon award at the World Spa Awards 2020, your father is (quite literally) in safe hands at 1847. Named after the year in which the safety razor was invented, this upscale yet old-school barbershop offers everything from multi-step shaves and deep-tissue massages to manicures, haircuts, and express facials – all amidst a backdrop of understated luxury.

Click here to purchase.

A Gift Voucher from Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

for the bibliophile father 

After 13 successful instalments and countless awards, the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is still one of the city’s favorite events amongst anyone who takes even a remote interest in reading. Case in point: the 2021 edition featured the likes of Elif Shafak, Zeina Hashem Beck, Malala Yousafzai, and more. A gift voucher to this festival is therefore a no-brainer as far as gifting bibliophiles is concerned. Denominations range from AED 100 to 1,000, and can be redeemed against the Foundation Friends membership and/or tickets to Emirates Airline Festival of Literature events.

Click here to purchase.

Father's Day Gifts

A Gift Card from TheJamJar

for the artistically inclined father

It’s no secret that art is easily one of the best ways to express oneself – or just a great way to while away the hours during an uneventful weekend. Enter: thejamjar, a community arts space that works to promote artists and support the development of Dubai’s arts scene through its extensive arts program, educational initiatives, and community projects. Located in Alserkal Avenue, the studio hosts everything from guided DIY sessions to classes that cover drawing techniques and even workshops on connecting with your deeper self through art, so – armed with a gift card – your artistically inclined father will have plenty of options to choose from. Denominations range from AED 100 to 350.

Click here to purchase.

A Gift Card from Top Chef Cooking Studio

for the foodie father 

Sometimes, even the most enthusiastic foodie needs a little help in the culinary department, and we think Top Chef Cooking Studio is the perfect place to get it. You can choose to buy a gift card for a range of classes such as ‘Culinary Art’, ‘Grill On’, or ‘Cooking for Two’. State-of-the-art kitchen aside, the venue comes complete with vintage Berber rugs, industrial-style furniture, and wallpaper featuring Piero Fornasetti’s iconic interpretations of Italian soprano Lina Cavalieri, so he’s bound to love it.

Click here to purchase.

A Gift Voucher from Skydive Dubai

for the thrill-seeking father 

What will your father soon have in common with Will Smith, Sheikh Hamdan, and Akon? Jumping out of a plane, courtesy of Skydive Dubai. A tandem skydive – be it over Palm Jumeirah or the dunes of the desert – is a bucket list staple for adrenaline junkies across the country, and there’s no upper limit as far as age is concerned. A medical statement will be required if he’s over 70, but that’s all that stands between him and the biggest thrill of his life. 

Click here to purchase.

Skydive Dubai, Fathers Day Gift

A Gift Voucher from Yas Waterworld

for the forever-young father 

So your father’s adventurous, but not to the point of jumping out of planes – right? This one’s a winner, then. Ranging in denominations from AED 100 to 2,500, Yas Theme Parks gift cards allow recipients access to not only Yas Waterworld, but also Ferrari World and Warner Bros. World. And if you’re concerned about the unsuitability of the weather in the months ahead, fret not – they’re valid for a full year upon redemption date.

Click here to purchase.


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Eid Presents by Personality Type? Always!

There’s something for everyone.

Just like that, another Eid al-Fitr is upon us, and you have yet to buy gifts for the special women in your life. But is the thought of a post-iftar mall crawl far from appealing? We get it. And that’s where this edit steps in. The Gaggler scoured the internet, curating a guide that takes into account the interests, tastes, and lifestyles of your loved ones because mainstream presents are so passé. Bonus: everything below can be shipped to Dubai.

For the Outspoken Feminist

Women Changing The World Set
Juniper Books

Whether it’s your sister, your mother, or your best friend who receives this beautiful trio of books, she’ll be in great company with one of these in her home. Not only does it remind readers of the incredible importance of women in history, but it’s also loaded with advice, inspiration, and wise words by the likes of author Grace Bonney and artist Kimothy Joy.

Women Changing The World, PRP AED 826, available at juniperbooks.com

For the Digital Nomad

Pebble Pods

No one could’ve predicted the events of 2020-21, but here we are, the pandemic bringing with it all sorts of nifty inventions to adapt. Enter: these Pebble Pods, designed to keep wireless headphones in place. And when they’re not in use during all those Zoom meetings that seem to dominate 2021, they double up as sculptural earrings on their own – perfect for the working woman on the go.

Pebble Pods, PRP AED 436, available at mishodesigns.com

For the Beauty Buff

Personal Fridge And Warmer

Seemingly outlandish at first, the trend of storing skincare products in a mini-fridge actually makes a lot of sense, especially in this heat – then again, every beauty already knows that. Treat her to this portable mini fridge that cools down to 32°F/0°C and has a capacity of four litres, with the removable shelf accommodating taller products. Planning a road trip? Flip a switch, and it’ll switch from cooling to heating, keeping any cooked meals warm.

Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge, PRP AED 471, available at desertcart.ae

For the Wellness Seeker

Know Yourself Prompt Cards
The School of Life

Self-awareness is the key to well-being, so this gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a pick from The School of Life, a UK-based organisation that is often described as the global headquarters of developing emotional intelligence. Your wellness-seeking friend will love this set because, with its help, she can discover what she really wants, learn more about how she feels, and tap into the reasons behind her reactions.

Know Yourself Prompt Cards, PRP AED 61, available at theschoollife.com

For the Devoted Vegan

Smart Garden 3
Click & Grow

We all know how satisfying it is to grow your own food, but not everyone can. Most of us are challenged by factors like weather, knowledge, space, or just the lack of a green thumb. And that’s where the Smart Garden 3 comes in. This little home garden does all the heavy lifting (from the seeds and soil to watering and lighting), so your clean-eating friend can enjoy fresh produce all year long.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3, PRP AED 529, available at virginmegastore.com

For the Culture Vulture

Marie-Antoinette Candle
Cire Trudon

Considering Cire Trudon is responsible for the candles that lit the rooms of Château de Versailles, it looked to one of its very own clients – Marie Antoinette – for inspiration. Perfect for the friend who’s a history buff or art aficionado, this decorative candle has been hand-sculpted from pink wax in an exact replica of the portrait housed at the Louvre.

Marie-Antoinette Decorative Candle, PRP AED 493.20, available at net-a-porter.com

For the Astrology Enthusiast

Taurus Horoscope Brooch

Not only are we celebrating the arrival of Eid, but also Taurus season, making this diamanté-studded accessory a great gift for your favourite ‘bull’. But fret not if your recipient is a whole other zodiac sign – there’s a constellation badge of honour for the other 11, too.

Taurus Horoscope Brooch, PRP AED 99, available at zara.com

For the Fitness Junkie  

Medusa Weights

Take your friend’s workout to a downright bougie place with these striking gold dumbbells by Versace. Embossed with the luxury label’s iconic Medusa head motif, they weigh in at 3.5kg each and serve as statement home accessories when not in use. Win-win.

Set Of Two Medusa Head-embossed Weights, PRP AED 1595, available at matchesfashion.com

For the Perpetual Wanderluster

Six Months Subscription
Letters from Afar

With just about everything going digital, receiving snail mail feels borderline nostalgic, and keeping the concept alive is Letters from Afar. Choose the Six Months gift subscription and, until November, your wanderluster of choice will receive a handcrafted letter from a mysterious explorer by the name of Isabelle. She will travel to spectacular places around the globe and write to your loved one, telling her all about it. Even better? A portion of all proceeds go directly to non-profit Pencils of Promise.

Six Months, PRP AED 132, available at lettersafar.com

For the Budding Philanthropist

Personalised Designer Doll

Not only can you choose your ethically handcrafted doll’s body colour, eye colour, hair colour, and hairstyle – that’s over 140 unique combinations at your fingertips – but it also makes for a present suited to a budding philanthropist. For each personalised Dumyé doll sold, a doll is gifted to a child in need. And there’s more: it comes with the brand’s signature “Purpose Pocket”, a special pocket with a blank piece of cloth on which you can leave a meaningful message.

Personalized Designer Doll, PRP AED 441, available at dumye.com


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Ramadan Gifts box

10 Gorgeous Gift Ideas to Ring in Ramadan

Sister, mother, best friend – check!

As we prepare for the reflective month of Ramadan, our thoughts turn to celebrating by gifting those closest to you. Whether you’re seeking something celestial-inspired or perfect for home, our specially curated edit takes the guesswork out of shopping with a hand-picked selection of gorgeous pieces that you’re bound to love.



A stunning piece for the Holy Month, Andrew Gn’s beautiful black crepe kaftan is embroidered with dazzling embellishments that will look spectacular day and night, perfectly encapsulating the mood of the season. 

Constellation Bead-embroidered Crepe Kaftan, PRP AED 5495, available at matchesfashion.com


Coffee lovers will adore Silsal’s luxurious dallah, crafted from porcelain and based on centuries-old Middle Eastern design, updated with a contemporary pattern of deconstructed geometrics.  

Mirrors Arabic Coffee Dallah, PRP AED 321, available at ounass.ae


A glorious gold shoe is a style essential, and A.W.A.K.E Mode’s ‘Loretta’ pumps are a brilliant all-rounder. Made from faux textured leather punctuated with cut-outs, the mid-height heel and elongated toe means they’re ultra-comfortable as well as contemporary, and look as great with jeans and leggings as they do with gowns and floor-sweeping cover-ups. 

Loretta Cutout Metallic Faux Textured-leather Pumps, PRP AED 2107.26, available at net-a-porter.com


Crafted in 14k yellow gold vermeil, Otiumberg’s White Topaz Moon necklace features ethically sourced gemstones. A stylish and sustainable gift, it’s a fabulous addition to any jewellery collection.

White Topaz Moon Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold Vermeil, PRP AED 700, available at ounass.ae


MissPalettable’s Ramadan Glam Box includes three high-performance, cruelty-free products from locally based brand Forever 52’s brilliant makeup range. A favourite with regional makeup artists thanks to its long-lasting, highly pigmented formulations, choose from four different variations of each trio of goodies – Matte Liquid Lipstick, Liquid Eyeshadow and Super-Stay Eyeliner – all hand-picked to work together perfectly!

Ramadan Glam Box, PRP AED 80, available at misspalletable.com


Aside from being housed in the most spectacularly beautiful vessel, House of Oud’s Up To The Moon Eau De Parfum brings together notes of raspberry and pear combined with the richness of amber, vanilla, and ambrette for a lasting, sensual fragrance we love. 

Up To The Moon Eau De Parfum, PRP AED 920, available at ounass.ae


A gold vase looks as just as good when it’s empty as it does holding your favourite floral display – and this sleek glass number from H&M will look stunning as a centrepiece for your iftar table at home.

Tall Glass Vase, PRP AED 139, available at hm.com


Jewellery designer Anton Heunis is a master of statement jewellery, and his spectacular double star earrings with shoulder-sweeping tassels are a serious conversation-starter.

Double Star With Tassel Earrings, PRP AED 569.32, available at boomandmellow.com


No home should be without fragrance, and Jo Malone’s mesmerising Velvet Rose & Oud scented candle envelops the air with its velvety sweet aroma. Buy one for your friend, and gift one to yourself!

Velvet Rose & Oud Scented Home Candle, PRP AED 384.30, available at net-a-porter.com


From its vibrant emerald-green tone to its puffy quilting and chunky gold chain, there’s nothing we don’t love about this bargain-priced bag. Use as over the shoulder during the day, and unclip the chain to use as a clutch at suhoor. We’ll be reworking the chain to wear as a bracelet for the ultimate multi-purpose piece.

Quilted Midi Shoulder Bag, PRP AED 199, available at zara.com


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mothers day gift ideas

Mothers Day Gift Guide

10 Gorgeous Gifts To Celebrate The Most Magnificent Woman In Your Life

It’s Mother’s Day on March 21, and aside from the obligatory breakfast in bed, a bunch of her favourite flowers and not allowing her to lift a finger all day, what will you be gifting the most important woman in your world? Here’s 10 glorious, Gaggler-approved presents that your mum will love…buy one, or blow the budget and treat her to all of them!

Top Style Treats

1. Mansur Gavriel Mini-Cloud Clutch

In luxurious, ultra-soft banana yellow leather, Mansur Gavriel’s beautiful mini cloud clutch bag makes a gorgeous addition to your mum’s spring/summer wardrobe.

Mini Cloud Clutch, PRP AED 1818, available at shopbop.com

2. Roxanne Assoulin Earrings

Guaranteed to raise a smile every time she wears them, Roxanne Assoulin’s rainbow-beaded U-Tubehoops look particularly fabulous being worn whilst lazing on a sunlounger by the pool of a luxury hotel. Just saying…

U-tube Gold-tone And Enamel Hoop Earrings, PRP AED 404, available at net-a-porter.com

3. By Far Sandals

There may be no dancefloors to hit, but By Far’s best-selling mules embellished with sparkling rainbow beads and holographic silver finish are perfect for a kitchen disco dancing contest – where your mum wins, obviously… 

Dylan White Nappa Leather And Crystals, PRP AED 1900, available at byfar.com

4. Augustinus Badr The Cream

Achieving cult status in the skincare world and boasting devotees like Victoria Beckham, Diane Kruger and Priyanka Chopra, Dr. Augustinus Badr’s The Cream is frequently named one of the best anti-ageing creams on the market. With the secret formula containing Trigger Factor Complex 8 – a proprietary blend designed to activate the body’s own stem cells and promote major anti-ageing benefits, the cream works to minimise lines, even skin tone and reduce redness, dramatically improving the appearance of your complexion in just 4 weeks. Expensive but oh-so-worth it. 

Augustinus Bader The Cream, PRP AED 1047, available at bloomingdales.ae

5. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick In Sexy Sienna

A brilliant shade for summer, Charlotte Tilbury’s soft matte revolution lipstick contains a blend of oils, triglycerides and waxes that give buildable, long-lasting colour that lasts.

Matte Revolution Sexy Sienna, PRP AED 125, available at charlottetilburry.com

6. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Transport you and your mum to the Italian Riviera with a spritz of Tom Ford’s gloriously glam fragrance classic. Citrusy and floral with notes of amber, it’s summer in an azure blue bottle.

Neroli Portofino, PRP AED 987, available at sephora.ae

7. Huda Beauty Bomb Brows

HUDA Beauty’s new vegan-friendly Microshade Brow Pencil has been designed to emulate micro-blading, minus the pain. With a thin-as-a-pin 0.9mm tip that precisely defines, shapes, and fills brows seamlessly as it creates soft, true hair-like strokes, the retractable pencil comes in 8 different shades and lasts for up to 24 hours.

#BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil, available at hudabeauty.com

8. L’couture Seamless Bralette, Leggings and Pullover

There’s nothing more motivating than having a great outfit to hit the gym in, and Dubai-based brand L’ Couture’s seamless co-ords are essential for sporty mums with major style.

L’couture Serenity Seamless Bralette Mindful Green, PRP AED 235, available at lcouture.com

L’ Couture Serenity 1/2 Zip Cotton Pullover Mindful Green, PRP AED 295, available at lcouture.com

L’couture Serenity Seamless Legging Mindful Green, PRP AED 275, available at lcouture.com

9. Overose Valkiria Scented Candle

With fig leaves, ripe peaches, and coconut milk on a woody undertone, minimalist mums with love the Valkiria scented candle by Overose. Perfect for a long, hot soak in the tub with a glass of something fizzy and her favourite novel.

Valkiria scented candle, PRP AED 175, available at matchesfashion.com

10. Aura Living Llama Cushions

Add a dash of fun to your mum’s boudoir with these super-cute llama-embroidered cushions 

Llama Cushions, PRP AED 149, available at instagram.com


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valentine's day gifts

Valentine’s Day Most Wanted Gifts

14 gorgeous gifts you’ll want cupid to send you this V-Day

Flowers and chocolates are nice, they really are.

But if you want something waaay better than the classic cliche gift from your loved one this Valentine’s Day, how about accidentally-on-purpose sending a link to this page to your own personal Cupid? Far more effective than randomly shooting arrows (read hurriedly-bought afterthought present at 9pm on February 13) at someone’s heart, assist the object of your affections by helping them aim straight for your pulse-point with an earth-shatteringly awesome gift that says ‘I Love You – and PS, I’m good at following instructions too.’ Modern romance is great, isn’t it?

14 Gorgeous Gifts

Wilhelmina Garcia Necklace 

Wilhelmina Garcia Necklace, PRP AED 730, available at matchesfashion.com

Desert Totes Clutch Bag

Desert Totes Clutch Bag, PRP AED 120

Tania’s Tea House Smash Heart

Tania’s Tea House Smash Heart, PRP AED 140, available at tanias-teahouse

MZ SKIN Rest and Revive Night Serum

MZ SKIN Rest and Revive Night Serum, PRP AED 1550, available at bloomingdales.ae

Pretty Shady Parasols Cushion

Pretty Shady Parasols Cushion, PRP AED 300, available at prettyshadesparsols.com

Strathberry Nano Tote

Strathberry Nano Tote, PRP AED 8682.83. available at strathberry.com

More Joy Silk Pyjamas 

More Joy Silk Pyjamas, PRP AED 1755, available at matchesfashion.com

Madiyah Al Sharqi x Karen Wazen Slip Dress

Madiyah Al Sharqi x Karen Wazen Slip Dress, PRP AED 1850, available at ounass.com

Diptique Roses Candle

Diptyque Roses Candle, PRP AED 358.70, available at net-a-porter.com

Kayali Deja Vu White Flower EDP

Kayali Déjà Vu White Flower | 57, PRP AED 357, available at sephora.ae

Herrera Beauty Lipstick

Herrera Beauty Lipstick, PRP AED 242.43, available at carolinaherrera.com

Cult Gaia Sandals

Cult Gaia Sandals, PRP AED 538.01, available at net-a-porter.com

Maria Tash Earrings

Maria Tash Earrings – 8mm Diamond Star Eternity Ring, PRP AED 3232.42, available at mariatash.com

Maria Tash Earrings – Heart Threaded Stud, PRP AED 459.15, available at mariatash.com

Forever Rose Cocoa Dusted Pistachios 

Cocoa Dusted Pistachios, PRP AED 99, available at myforeverrose.com


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