A hair dresser telling something to a woman at hair salon

This Is Your Hairstylist’s Jargon, Deciphered 

Your confusion ends here!

We’ve all been in that situation – we want to change our style, but we don’t know how to explain what we want to our hairdresser. Or on the flip side, your hairdresser might start talking in what seems like a foreign language, leaving it to you to decipher what the words they’re throwing around really mean. Here, I’m going to deconstruct hairstylist jargon so that the next time you visit the salon, you’ll know exactly what to say to get the look you want. 

Single Process 

When you’re told your hair wish can be done in one visit, this is called a single process. 

Double Process

This is when it’s going to take more than one visit to achieve your dream look. Make sure to follow your hairdresser’s advice when they say this term as, sometimes, it’s good to space out visits for the health of your hair.


All colours have cool or warm tones. Cool tones are like winter colours and can include blues, purples, and greens. Warm tones, on the other hand, are more autumn-like colours and include yellows, reds, burnt orange, caramel, and chocolate brown. Looking at a salon’s hair shade chart will help you clearly see the difference and pick a hair tone.

Hair Tip: Cool shades are a great option for clients looking to cool down their complexion by cancelling out redness from their skin.


Highlights are lighter than your natural hair colour and can be applied in many different ways, such as freehand, foil, or cling wrap.

Hair Tip: The amount of highlights you add and where they are placed can have a huge impact on the final look.

Full Highlights 

This is when there will be colour in sections that are highlighted throughout the entire head.

Hair Tip: If you happen to have lots of highlights, it doesn’t mean you should go for full-head colour as it’s a completely different look.

Partial Highlights 

Partial highlights are highlights around the hairline. It’s also referred to as ‘face framing lights’ or lights just scattered around the top.

Hair Tip: Partial highlights are great to refresh your lights in between big appointments.

Babylights (or Paper Thin Lights)

This refers to the size of the weave that’s used and are finer lights.

Hair Tip: These are great for around the face frame, especially when they’re done in between a bigger appointment or for the parting when your highlights grow out.


Balayage was created by the French and is a natural-looking, hand-painting technique that grows out easier.

Hair Tip: This technique has allowed hairdressers to be a lot more creative. In just one hair colour, you can use many techniques such as highlights, lowlights, and balayage for a unique look.


Lowlights darken strands to add depth and dimension to hair and are very en vogue now.

Hair Tip: Sometimes, blonds feel like they need to be blonder when actually, they just need to add in some lowlights to give their hair dimension, which will make them look blonder.

Root Tapping

Root tapping softens the look of the highlights at the root area. 

Hair Tip: This treatment is well known for allowing the colour to seamlessly grow out better and appear more natural looking. 

Hair Glossing

This is a colour that gives instant shine. There can either be colour in it or it can just be a clear colour that adds a fabulous gloss to your existing colour.

Hair Tip: The brand Redken comes with a wide range of hair gloss products – including stunning cool colours – that can be found at mariadowling Salon.

Root Smudging 

This technique is used to soften or remove the line of old highlights by applying a colour that’s closer to the base colour on the root. It can be smudged one to three inches (or more) into the hair, depending on the length of the hair.

Hair Tip: This technique will add dimension in the colour by adding depth and is very on trend right now.

Bump Up the Roots

This is a technique used at mariadowling salon after you have highlights, and for a speedy refresher in between appointments to the root area around the hairline. 

Hair Tip: The whole appointment is quick and clients don’t have to come as often as they usually do to have their hair done – while still leaving your hair looking really good.


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Lady choosing hair color

Hair Colour 101: What to Know Before Taking the Plunge

Change your hair colour, change your life!

Colouring your hair can either be really exciting or really scary, depending on how brave you are. Whether you want to go natural or stand out in a crowd, here’s your guide to getting the colour you want – and to keep it.

Getting a Consultation

If you decide to go to a salon, consultation is the key to getting the colour you’re looking for. Give as much information to your colourist as you can about your lifestyle and hair routine so that they can advise you correctly. This is also your time to ask questions. Ask what the cost will be, what kind of maintenance you will require, when to book your next appointment, and so on.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Today, the world is at your fingertips, so be sure to do your homework before your appointment. I love it when a client comes in with reference images as it helps me to get an idea of what she wants. Generally, five photos are enough. Photos of models can be great, too, but it can also lead to high expectations that may not be achievable in one visit. Ideally, your colourist should give you a realistic option on how to achieve your hair goal.

Hair Colour 101

Prepare Your Hair

One common myth I’ve heard is that dirty hair grabs hair colour better. This is simply not true! It’s best to wash your hair one to two days before your appointment. Light, natural oils will help prevent your scalp from feeling itchy or too tingly when colour touches it. You should also prepare your hair by doing a treatment – like the mariadowling Hair & Scalp Detox treatment – as this will gently cleanse your hair of overloaded products or just everyday dust and dirt, thereby creating a better colour result.

To DIY or Not

As a colourist, I wouldn’t recommend tinting your own hair at home, but if you do decide to take the plunge, here are a few tips to remember.

  • When choosing your colour, pick a shade lighter than what you’re looking for. Be very careful as overlapping colour can lead to your hair becoming darker than the chosen colour.
  • Wear disposable gloves to protect your hands.
  • Before you get started, apply Vaseline on the skin around your forehead, ears, and the back of your neck to protect it from getting stained by the hair dye. Do not get the Vaseline on your hair as it can act as a barrier to the tint.
  • If your scalp is sensitive, you can add in some Sweet’n Low to the tint before applying.
  • Don’t wear your favourite clothes as it can get messy when dying your hair at home.
  • If you’re doing fashion colours like blues, green, or reds, be careful with the first few washes as the colour can continue to come out. So, use dark-coloured towels and pillowcases.
  • Finally, I don’t recommend using hair bleach at home as this can easily go wrong with very bad consequences. 

Getting the Right Products 

If you’re investing in your colour, invest in keeping your colour looking as gorgeous as it can be! Use a shampoo and conditioner that’s meant for coloured hair. This combo will ensure hydration and longevity of your colour. As a hair colourist, I also recommend the Olaplex range for making the hair stronger. This makes your hairdresser’s life easier when colouring as the hair’s condition will be better, and the colour will last longer.

Colouring your hair

The Pulling-Out-Grey-Hair Myth

I believe this is an important myth to bust when talking about hair colour. Plucking a grey hair will only get you a new grey hair in its place because only one hair can grow per follicle. Your surrounding hairs will also not turn grey until their own follicles’ pigment cells die.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent Colour?  

The main difference between semi-permanent and permanent hair colour is how long it lasts. Another major factor that differentiates them is that semi-permanent hair tint does not include any ammonia or peroxide, unlike permanent hair dye. In general, tints are now a lot kinder to the hair than they were before. 

Does Colouring Your Hair Damage It?

The answer is both yes and no. Colours can be quite drastic these days (like dark hair going light platinum). This can be damaging as you are pulling out colour from the hair with bleach whilst lifting – and you simply can’t avoid bleach to achieve the end result you need either. But as I said, by using Olaplex, we can achieve more than we ever could before whilst keeping the hair in good condition. At the end of the day, the extent of damage just depends on how natural or dramatic you want the result to be.

Hair Colour and the Sun 

Like your skin needing protective sun products, your hair needs to be protected, too. If you live in a place with a hot climate, like Dubai, you will need to keep your hair covered or use the Kerastase sun range – even while walking around as the sun is so intense that it will lift out your colour very quickly. If you have long hair, I recommend wearing it in a top knot with all the ends tucked in.


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Woman relaxing her hairs by the sea

Damage Control: The ‘Queen of Colour’ on Maintaining Healthy Hair

Spare your hair from further wear and tear!

Our hair goes through so much each day – from heat damage and the wrong products to a poor diet that does little to nourish it. But help is here. Here are 10 everyday tips to maintain healthy hair all the time. Yes, it may mean changing your routine a little, but the difference in your hair will speak volumes.

1. Detangle Your Hair When Wet with Conditioner 

When you’re in the shower, apply your conditioner and comb your hair while the conditioner is on to remove any tangles. It’s much easier to detangle at this point than when your hair is dry. 

2. Use a Cotton Towel to Dry Hair

Use a cotton towel or T-shirt instead of a normal towel to dry your hair as it won’t rough up the hair cuticles as much. Avoid harsh rubbing – just pat dry the hair so that you don’t have to work as hard to smooth the hair and make it look healthy.

3. Slow Down When Detangling 

Always start by detangling any clumps or big knots with your fingertips. Next, gently use a wide tooth comb or a Tangle Teezer brush on the lower portion of your hair to detangle all the knots towards the ends of your locks. Once this is done, gently brush downwards from the roots.

4. Massage Your Scalp Every Day

I believe in head massages. Massages are known to improve the blood flow and health of the scalp, so try and massage your scalp every day for a few minutes, even if it’s just while you’re watching TV. Use the tips of your fingers, not your fingernails, and make circular motions across your scalp. Massaging the scalp – which can be done in conjunction with hair oils and masks – stimulates the scalp and can help improve hair thickness.

5. Take in Nutrients That Benefit Your Hair

Nutrients That Benefit Your Hair

Food is the best source of the vitamins you need for hair growth. Here are some ways of getting the nutrients you need through food.

  • Protein: Eggs, almonds, milk, Greek yoghurt, beef, and broccoli
  • Vitamin B12: Whole grains, almonds, meat, seafood, dark leafy greens
  • Iron: Clams, oysters, eggs, red meat, spinach, and lentils
  • Vitamin E: Sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, peanuts, peanut butter, spinach, and pumpkin
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: Nuts, seeds, oily fish, and leafy green vegetables

However, if you fail to get enough of these nutrients in your diet, supplements may be helpful. According to research, supplements work best in individuals who are already deficient. One supplement that’s especially good at getting good results for your hair is Viviscal

6. What You Take in Is Reflected in Your Hair 

What we eat as food comes out through our skin, while tablets come out through our scalp. If you take tablets – even an aspirin – it will affect your hair and scalp. Notice that when you’re unwell, your hair suddenly won’t feel good, possibly even lifeless and flat. To counteract this, use a detox clay like the mariadowling Detox Clay to get your hair feeling full of life again.

7. Use Products for Colour-Treated Hair


If you colour your hair, you should be using products that are made to protect it. The Olaplex line features products that repair and strengthen every strand of hair from the inside out. The vegan, cruelty-free formula actually strengthens the bonds in your hair, and I’ve seen amazing results with clients who use it. Olaplex No1 and No2 is applied in the salon as a salon treatment, and you can continue it at home with number No0 and No3. 

8. Find a Supportive Colourist

It’s good to find a colourist who is concerned about the condition of your hair when colouring, as they will know where to apply colour and avoid overlapping and other mistakes. If you change your colourist every time, this can lead to many different hair colour changes and possible mistakes that’ll need to be corrected.

9. Use a Leave-In Conditioner Before Styling

I always recommend using a leave-in conditioner before heat styling. Even though you’ll be using a leave-in conditioner, you must still use a conditioner after you’ve rinsed off your shampoo, then towel-dry and apply the leave-in conditioner. It’s always good to start with less until you know how much to apply. I recommend the Kerastase range, which includes leave-in thermique products that activate when in contact with heat styling tools.

10. Use a Silk Pillowcase

Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase as its smooth texture lets hair glide over it without any friction, which means you’re less likely to have frizzy hair when you wake up.


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A beautiful woman with long & shinny hair growth

Best Tressed: 10 Hair Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Because no day should be a bad hair day!

As a hairdresser, I always say, “Our hair is like a piece of silk, and we need to look after it.“ Here are some of my easy tips to make sure that you’re giving your hair the love that it deserves, leaving it looking fabulous in between every salon visit.

1. Choose the Right Shampoo

When choosing a shampoo, pick one that suits your scalp. For example, if you have an oily scalp, choose a shampoo for oily hair. And if you have dry hair, pick a shampoo for dry hair. I prefer the Kerastase range, which includes a shampoo for oily scalp and dry ends that I absolutely love as a lot of people have that combination.

2. Concentrate Your Shampoo on the Right Area

When shampooing, the shampoo should be concentrated on your scalp. When you rinse off the shampoo, that’s enough to clean the rest of your hair. Washing the length of your hair and the ends can strip moisture and cause your hair to become dull and dry, so focus on your scalp – you’ll also end up using less product by doing that.

3. Use Conditioner Correctly

I’m sure everyone knows that we should use conditioner, but where should it go? Conditioner should be applied to the mid-length and ends of your hair – unless your scalp is very dry. In general, most people have a normal or oily scalp, so if you apply the conditioner on the scalp, it will make it heavy and it will become oilier. I always start by applying most of the conditioner near the ends of my hair, then work my way up to the mid-length. And when there is very little left on my hands, I go around to the front. 

4. Detox Your Scalp

Detox Your Scalp

Just like your skin, your scalp also needs regular detoxing and exfoliating as you can have a build-up of products and dandruff. It also works as a general feel-good maintenance programme. I recommend the mariadowling Hair & Scalp Clay as it detoxifies the hair and conditions it at the same time, leaving your hair looking fabulous, clean, and shiny.

5. Treat Yourself

I get asked all the time about deep-conditioning treatments and if everyone needs to do it, and the answer is always a ‘yes’. We all need hair treatments as most of us have colour-treated hair, use styling tools like styling wands and irons, or simply have weak hair. Everyone has a hair concern. 

It’s recommended to have an in-salon treatment as professional treatments can be more intense and specifically tailored to meet your hair’s requirements. It’s important to continue with follow-up treatments at home, depending on how often you shampoo. I generally recommend once a week to maintain the results. 

6. Take a Cool Rinse 

Hair Care

We all love a hot shower, especially in wintertime, but this can strip your hair of essential oils and leave it looking dry. I recommend having your last rinse with cool or cold water as it will close the hair cuticles and give your hair extra shine. 

7. Towel-Dry Differently

After you’ve washed your hair, it seems obvious to get a towel and harshly rub your hair to remove excess water before styling – but that’s where you’re wrong. After you finish washing your hair, squeeze a lot of the excess water out with your hands, then get a towel or an old cotton T-shirt (it can even be a softer fabric) and gently pat the hair until it’s dry enough to style.

8. Reverse Comb Your Hair

Wet hair breaks more easily, so it’s better to use a wide-tooth comb rather than a brush after your shower. Be sure to comb your hair starting from the ends, then gradually work your way back up to your roots. Wet hair can be quite fragile, so be gentle. 

9. Protect Your Hair When Styling

Today, we can achieve salon-looking hair at home by ourselves with the help of heated tools like irons and styling wands. But again, if you don’t protect your hair, you’ll quickly have problems like split ends. Hot tip: all styling tools must be used on dry hair (except the new Dyson curling tool, which can be used on damp hair). Be sure to apply a heat protector before blow-drying or heat-styling – this is one of the most important things to do before styling your hair.

10. Use Styling Tools Correctly 

When styling, keep your tools on a low temperature setting. If you want to practise a new styling technique, try it first with the iron turned off as it always takes a few tries to figure it out – it’s not always as easy as it seems on YouTube!  


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A woman grabbing her hairs

Meet the Hair Helper You Never Knew You Needed

Do you own a scalp scrub yet?

By now, it’s likely that you’ve experimented with body scrubs made with everything from sea salt and brown sugar to coffee grinds and ground almond shells in the name of unclogging pores, promoting circulation, and removing dead skin cells. And yet, few of us bother tending to the oil, city grime, and product build-up that collects on our scalps in between washes – sacrilege! 

After all, doesn’t your hair deserve some of the TLC that your skin receives on a daily basis? Turns out, using a scalp scrub once or twice a week goes a long way, resulting in a healthy scalp and happy hair. Not all options are created equal, though, contrary to popular belief. In fact, we’d argue that there’s one just for you, depending on factors like budget, scalp concerns, time constraints, and more. Ready to meet your match? Read on. 

If you’re time-pressed and on the lookout for a scrub that doubles as a shampoo:

Cleansing Purifying Scrub, Christophe Robin

If you’re sick of dealing with a flaky, itchy scalp:

Scalp Revival, Briogeo

If you’re on a budget, but ready to join the scalp scrub bandwagon:

Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Scrub, The INKEY List 

If you’re one to shop brands rooted in sustainability:

SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser, Davines

If you’re concerned about your hair colour fading:

Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub, dpHUE

If you’re steering clear of chemicals in your beauty products:

T.L.C. Happi Scalp™ Scrub, Drunk Elephant

If you’re not a fan of bathroom clutter and looking for a multitasker:

Scalp & Body Scrub, OUAI


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Hair Salon equipments (Scissors, conditioner bottles, hair comb)

Best Tressed: 7 Top Salons in Dubai Marina

Colour, cuts, blowdries, hairdos – it’s all here.

New to Dubai? Living in Dubai Marina? Looking for a hairdresser who you can actually trust (and not be tearful after a cut or colour)? We got you. Here, The Gaggler rounds up the best hair salons in Dubai Marina and surrounding areas. 

Crown Beauty Salon

Thanks to the heat, the beach, and showers with high-mineral water, your hair may need some extra TLC. Luckily, Crown Beauty Salon specialises in hair therapy and keratin hair masks – the perfect thing for shiny, healthy hair.

Crown Beauty Salon, Ground Floor Marina Views, Dubai Marina, 04 240 6342, open 9am-9pm daily

Hair Concept Salon

Calling all brides-to-be! Boasting highly qualified hair stylists, this is the perfect place to book for any updo styling. Simply bring a few reference images and watch the hair magicians at work.

Hair Concept Salon, JA Ocean View Hotel, Dubai Marina, 04 452 8031, open 10am-9pm daily

Jacques La Coupe, Hair Salons in Dubai Marina

Jacques La Coupe

If you’re looking for the perfect colourist with a touch of luxury and elegance to boot, Jacques La Coupe is the salon to visit. Just be sure to have a discussion beforehand to make sure the price is specified before starting to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises at the end.

Jacques La Coupe, 66 Al Marsa, Dubai Marina, 04 445 8381, jacqueslacoupe.com, open 10am-10pm daily

Marquee Hair Salon

Marquee may be a little bit on the pricey side, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And trust us, it applies here! We trust them with our (hair) life, from a complete transformation to essential touch-ups. We couldn’t recommend Marquee more.

Marquee, Marina Gate (opposite Spinneys), Dubai Marina, 04 589 5943, marquee.ae, open 8am-10pm daily

Pastels Salon

Located five minutes out of Dubai Marina in JBR, the OG-for-British-expats Pastels Salon is the salon to visit and feel like you have stepped into a London salon thanks to the British hairstylists. It’s also one of the few hair salons with a mix of male and female staff, all of whom are super professional.

Pastels Salon, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, JBR, 04 399 5016, pastels-salon.com, open 9am-7pm Thurs – Tue, 9am-9pm Mon & Wed

Queens Beauty Lounge, hair salon in Dubai Marina

Queens Beauty Lounge

Looking for a last-minute blowout? Queens has been our lifesaver many, many times! Although we don’t recommend heading there without a booking, we have been in this bind before, and the team has graciously accommodated our request and in less than 30 minutes. Et voilà! A fresh blowout in a hurry, done.

Queens Beauty Lounge, Oceanic Tower shop #5, Dubai Marina, 04 427 9689, queensbeautylounge.com, open 9am-8pm Mon – Sat, 11am-9pm Friday, closed on Sun

Salon 971

Technically not in Dubai Marina, but close enough, Salon 971 is the best salon to head to for Hair Botox and the coolest hair colour trend ever: balayage. We are huge fans of balayage and love the fact that it looks great with any face shape. We also adore that Salon 971 is open weekdays at 7:30am, perfect for the working woman looking to get a cut and colour before work!

Salon 971, Platinum One Tower, Al Barsha, 04 579 6222, salon971.com, open 7:30am-9pm Mon – Thurs, 9am-6pm Fri – Sun


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Get Silky Smooth Hair For Summer With KS Ultimate

Swap unruly hair for smooth manageable locks with the KeraStraight Hair Treatment.

The weather is starting to heat up, and for many a Gaggler Girl, having to cope with dry, frizzy, uncontrollable hair is just another drama they could do without. 

Fighting frizz is an ongoing battle when you live in a humid climate, and while there are plenty of treatments that promise to smooth, straighten and care for your less-than-compliant-locks, many still contain harsh chemicals that can damage the hair.

So what’s the alternative? Say hello to KeraStraight Ultimate, which offers Formaldehyde free, protein technology that is humidity-resistant, strengthens and de-frizzes hair, makes lengths smoother and more manageable, and can last for up to four months.

But does it really work? We sent our perpetually frizzed-out Video Creator Emma Brain to Pastels Salon on Al Wasl road to test the latest lock – taming treatment, and see if Kerastraight Ultimate could be the solution to her haircare headache… 

WATCH THE VIDEO: KeraStraight Ultimate Hair Treatment At Pastels Salon

Gaggler readers can take advantage of a Gaggler EXCLUSIVE 10% discount on the KS Ultimate four-month treatment at Pastels Salon from now until April 11.

Simply head to The Gaggler Middle East Group on Facebook to get the Gaggler’s EXCLUSIVE Pastels discount code, and prepare to say farewell to your frizz!


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bob cut short hair

How Behind Her Eyes and I Care A Lot Have Made Us All Want A New Hairstyle

Why 2021’s must-see Netflix shows have made the blunt bob the haircut everyone wants

If you’ve been spellbound by two of the latest Netflix releases – namely psychological/supernatural thriller Behind Her Eyes and the compelling black comedy I Care A Lot – you’re joined by millions of similarly obsessed others – team Gaggler included. But aside from the brilliance of the story that unfolds in both these must-watch TV masterpieces, there’s another star element that unifies the two productions in their eyeball-glueing abilities – a magnificent, glossy bob in the leading role.

With Behind Her Eyes’ pivotal character, Adele (Eve Hewson) rocking a raven black, side-parted bob as perfect and shiny as a freshly-split conker, and I Care A Lot anti-heroine Marla (Rosamund Pike) showing off a blunt, blonde bob as faultlessly executed as her dastardly business dealings, it’s impossible not to be transfixed by the simple beauty of this classic, chin-skimming do – as well as the fascinating insight it gives into the personality of the characters who wear them.

So if you, like us, have been bewitched by the magic of the classic blunt bob – courtesy of Misses Hewson and Pike – whilst sneakily eyeing-up the army of bobs on Chanel’s SS21 catwalk and eternal hair icon Alexa’s Chung’s recent return to her bobbed best should you consider trialling the undisputed haircut of the season?

We quizzed Tanya Van Reenen, Senior Stylist at Pastels Salon Jumeirah, on everything you need to know before going for the chop with a banging blunt bob:

THE GAGGLER: What exactly should I ask my hairdresser for?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Ask for a blunt bob. It’s a good idea to take some images of the style you wish to achieve to the hairdressers with you to show your stylist. This allows your stylist the chance to see if this exact style is possible for your hair, or if it needs to be adapted slightly to take into account your hair type, face shape and lifestyle. This is really important, because how much time you are willing to spend styling your hair everyday will determine the kind of cut you can realistically manage, as well as one that suits you the most.

THE GAGGLER: What kind of hair does a bob work best for?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Generally, bobs make hair look thicker, so this style is ideal for someone with fine to medium hair. Avoid completely if your hair is thick, curly or unruly. 

THE GAGGLER: Which face shape suits a bob?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Sleek bobs best suit oval or round faces as they contour the face beautifully.

THE GAGGLER:  How easy is it to maintain a blunt bob?

TANIA VAN REENEN: It really depends on your hair type. If you have fine hair, you’ll need a mousse like Redken High Rise Volume to add some body to the hair without making it sticky.

For hair that’s slightly frizzy and dry, Kerastase Elixir Ultime is your best friend. This iconic shine-enhancing hair oil offers heat protection from appliances, gives long-lasting radiance and durable frizz protection.

THE GAGGLER: How often do I need to get it cut to keep it looking tip top?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Ideally every 6-8 weeks. NEVER attempt to trim it at home yourself!

THE GAGGLER: What products doI need to make it look my bob look gorgeous and glossy?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Redken Shine Flash is brilliant, but you could also try an in-salon gloss treatment to add long-lasting shine. 

THE GAGGLER: What tools do I need to style it?

TANIA VAN REENEN: A paddle brush and a medium-sized round hairbrush. You will also need a hairdryer – I really like the Dyson Supersonic as it will not overheat the hair, which makes it go frizzy. 

THE GAGGLER: How should I dry it?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Blast dry it and brush it out with the paddle brush. When it’s  almost (90-95%) dry, use the round brush to smooth it and turn it under. Et voila! Netflix-perfect glossy blunt bob!


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Haul In One cosmetics

Help The UAE’s Women In Need With A Brilliant Beauty Initiative

HAUL IN ONE partner with Stop & Help DXB to give back, the beautiful way

We love a great charitable initiative here at The Gaggler, and news of the latest feel-good campaign from a UAE business is just the thing to kick off our week with a smile. 

In celebration of their first anniversary, personalised Dubai-based beauty subscription box company HAUL IN ONE has partnered with Stop & Help DXB on curating and delivering at least 50 HAUL boxes to women in the UAE currently affected by Covid-19 and looking for help with basic amenities. Intended to include any and all women – those that are part of supported families in Stop and Help’s program, as well as single parents and single women living or working in the UAE – the initiative honours the homegrown brand’s commitment to inclusive and accessible beauty while adding unexpected beauty gifts to cheer women who may be affected financially by Covid19.

beauty subscription box

“It’s been quite a year, and we feel there is no better way to celebrate our first anniversary than giving back to our community as a way of saying thank you for a successful 12 months,” said HAUL IN ONE’s founders, Sanskriti and Prachee. “Our aim is to just add a little unexpected sparkle to someone’s day and make our products available and accessible to them.”

All you need to do to participate in the campaign is to donate beauty products to the cause. Simply sign up to HAUL IN ONE’s website and the team will organize a pick-up from you. All the items received from participating individuals and companies from now until March 10 will be consolidated and collected by HAUL IN ONE, then packaged into their beautiful boxes and shipped to Stop & Help for distribution between March 11 and 17.  

To donate your beauty items, contact Prachee on 0504507550 / 045706138 


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5 Blissful Valentines Day Beauty Treats

Big Valentine Day Date? Or just showing yourself some love? Check out the best pre-V Day beauty offers to indulge in Dubai right now

Whether you’ve got a romantic dinner a deux planned, or are happily single and simply want to show yourself some TLC, make a date with one (or all) of these fab Dubai salons and treat yourself to a spot of pre V-Day pampering. 


From February 11-14 inclusive (yes, Valentine’s Day weekend!) book in for a Valentine’s Day Pamper package comprising a blow-dry, conditioning treatment, and a classic manicure at either branch of the Pastels Salon Dubai, and you’ll save a giant Dhs 140 on the usual price of all three treatments. Priced AED 200 for the short hair package, AED 230 for the medium hair package, and AED 260 for the long hair package, visit www.pastels-salon.com to book.


One of our favourite new beauty discoveries in the city, The Branding Room in Jumeirah Village Circle is offering their excellent (we know, we’ve tried it!) Clear Skin Facial and Arosha Wrap and Mechanical Lymphatic Drainage treatments as a package for AED 785 rather than the usual AED 1050. Perfect for pre-date night prep, the deep cleansing facial leaves the complexion clear and truly glowing, while the wrap helps to flush out water retention, improve the look of cellulite, and tighten skin – ideal if you have a slinky dress to show off! Visit thebrandingroomdxb.com for more information. 

dubai salons


Under the leadership of award-winning and regional Schwarzkopf colourist ambassador, Cat Hawkes, there’s a hat-trick of amazing hair deals on offer at Barsha South beautifying haven, Salon 971, this Valentine’s Day. 

Courtesy of three of the salon’s most experienced hairstylists, book in for the South African Sunkissed package with Ida for face-framing highlights and a bouncy blow-dry using vegan hair products; the Moscow Glow Package with Schwarzkopf Osis Session Label expert Christina for a gloss and cut that transforms flyaway frizz into a smooth and silky new hairstyle; or The Finnish Touch with Minna for Air Touch parting highlights and a beautiful blow dry with beachy waves. Available from now until February 28 for AED450 per package, email: [email protected] to book.

dubai spa


Work literally tying you up in knots? Blast stressed-out shoulders with the multi-award-winning Dreamworks Spa’s Warm Me Up massage, a 90-minute circulation-boosting hot stone therapy, complete with hand and foot acupressure massage complimented by antioxidant-packed lemongrass essential oil that releases tension and soreness in the body. Utterly blissed-out beautifying for a limited-edition price of AED319. Visit dreamworks.ae to book.

beauty treats


JLT salon That Hair Tho is all about sharing the love this Valentine’s day with an array of heart-stopping beauty offers for you and your BFF. For the month of February, there’s Balayage/Highlights, Toner, Olaplex & Blowdry for AED950; Wash, Blowdry & Waves for AED200; Make-Up application for AED300; Hair & Make up Package for AED400; Gelish Manicure & Pedicure for AED200; Acrylic/Gel Nail Extensions for AED250 and LVL Treatment & Brow Lamination for AED400. Better still, if you book your bestie in for beauty services between February 10-14, you get 20 percent off your final bill. For more information, call 04 589 6670.


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beauty week

Abu Dhabi Beauty Week Arrives!

The 10 day celebration of all things new in beauty showcases the Emirate as a leading global beauty destination

If you’re a beauty buff living in the capital, take note. Running from now until February 14, the inaugural Abu Dhabi Beauty Week kicked off at the weekend, bringing ten days of exciting consumer experiences, exclusive pop-ups by international and new-to-the-region brands, and a programme of interactive masterclasses hosted by global and regional beauty experts to the city.

With major activations taking place at Yas Mall and The Galleria Al Maryah Island, the diverse series of masterclasses centres around Yas Mall’s Beauty Studio, and includes skin type analysis and customisable routines by Lancôme’s skincare and makeup experts, how to create Laura Mercier’s iconic ‘Flawless Face’, Benefit’s signature brow mapping technique taught by Benefit Cosmetics’ Regional Brow Artist and a winter skincare guide from Kiehl’s. Additional masterclasses including Valentino, YSL, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Charlotte Tilbury, Guerlain, Shiseido and Redken complete the line-up, while an array of exclusive beauty promotions will be on offer at numerous participating malls across the Emirate, including Al Wahda Mall, Marina Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall. 

An assortment of exciting beauty debuts will also be taking place during the week. Revolutionary skincare brand MDO, founded by globally renowned celebrity dermatologist Simon Ourian MD, innovative clean beauty skincare brands Haru Haru Wonder and ILIA Beauty from South Korea, natural, ethical and eco-luxe skin solutions under Secret Skin including Ranavat, Amly, Pure Earth and Mauli, award-winning makeup brand Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, cult American cosmetics line Stila, all-inclusive make-up brand Beauty Bakerie, and vegan and cruelty-free Parisian fragrance brand Solinotes will all be available to buy in the city for the first time at ADBW.

beauty destination

Alongside all the shopping opportunities, wellness is a major part of the week, with the ADBW Retreat – a three-day beauty and wellness retreat hosted at Jumeirah Saadiyat Island Resort – taking place from February 11-13. Lead by global beauty and wellness personalities including Nike brand ambassador Manal Rostom, calisthenics, and personal growth coach Marina Violinha, Australian yoga instructor and personal trainer Stephanie Millman, and boxercise instructor Sara Al Sayegh, the ADBW Retreat incorporates expert-led itineraries with mindful menus, mat-based activities, high-intensity cardio and physical conditioning sessions and the wellness world’s finest brands. 

beauty week

“The inaugural Abu Dhabi Beauty Week will be the go-to event of the year for beauty consumers, with incredible experiences and new-to-market products being featured alongside established brands and talents from around the world,’ said HE Ali Hassan Al Shaiba, Executive Director of Tourism and Marketing at DCT Abu Dhabi. ‘This exciting new initiative is a statement of intent that underlines Abu Dhabi’s efforts to become a leading global destination for all things beauty” 


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